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Cut Ties Between Maricopa County and ICE

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Despite the fact that political winds are blowing away from Arizona-style attrition politics, some officials in that state are determined to keep their tent staked in the ground, by hook or by crook.  For those living under the shadow of Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio, looking at federal immigration reform comes with a specific perspective and particular issues to be resolved. Read more


Con Los Pasos Contados

January 2013
Few days in.  Happy to be here.  The situation is one that we are all getting used to.  New Year rang with bad news of cancer back and spread, and even worse news from doctors that it was ‘terminal’.  Walking my father to the doctor’s office, he is out of breathe after a few feet, we sit, take a break.  Then it comes. Read more

Catching Up to 2013

On the phone, outside, pacing.  Yes, I pace when I talk.  And I smoke most times too.

Its early in the morning, raining, 30 some degrees.  In my chanclas.  And I’m walking in circles like the conversation I’m in, hoping I can remember the call once I hang up.  In the back of my mind, a laundry list of things.  I’m pacing around on this Seattle street, but in my mind’s eye I’m stepping over and around the heap of things called ‘to-do’ when – SMACK – Read more

Play by Play, Zingers and a little Humor from today’s POTUS immigration speech

POTUS speech on immigration today.  Highlight for me was all the zingers, one liners and sharp analysis from folks on social media.  Sometimes, a little bit of humor makes all what’s next a little easier.  Links for all cited, please follow them for more updates and insightful -ish.  Enjoy!  Read more

How a Bus Full of Undocumented Families Could Change the Immigration Debate

Originally published on November 30 by Yes! Magazine

Most of the buses that depart from the downtown Phoenix Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office toward the border between the United States and Mexico leave broken dreams and separated families in their wake. But this summer a different type of bus departed from that same city to promote a new ending to that story. Read more

Is the Bolivarian Revolution still Glitter and Gold (or for leftists, Radical and Red)?

One month prior to the election in the United States, another will take place, with a photo finish and big implications.  On October 7th a President will be elected in Venezuela, with the incumbent President Hugo Chavez Frias and the upstart challenger, Governor Henrique Capriles Radonski facing off.  Recently President Chavez said that if he could vote in the US he would vote for Barack Obama.  If I had a vote in Venezuela, I cannot say that I would vote for him in this election. Read more

4 Años Despues – Porque Protestar en el DNC

Porque ir a la Convención Nacional Democrata y no a la de los Republicanos?  Es una pregunta valida con un candidato como Mitt Romney. Read more

4 Years Later – Why the DNC

With an opponent like Mitt Romney its a valid question why we are heading to the Democratic National Convention. Read more

Priscila get some Love from Labor

We are riding a 1972 MCI Challenger bus in our journey across the southwestern and southeastern part of the United States.  This bus, who came baptized with the name ‘Priscila’ has been used in organizing tours mostly on climate justice issues.  Inside she is more like an RV, with benches, a small kitchen and even bunk beds in the back. Read more

Las Mariposas ~ The Butterflies

Its been more than a few times that while driving in between cities butterflies appear around us, and I’ve wondered whether or not they’re coming along for the ride or if its simply normal for them to be in these parts this time of the year.  Their timing coincides with the image of the butterfly growing as a symbol of this ride.  Read more