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Posts from the ‘Recuerdos’ Category

Con Los Pasos Contados

January 2013
Few days in.  Happy to be here.  The situation is one that we are all getting used to.  New Year rang with bad news of cancer back and spread, and even worse news from doctors that it was ‘terminal’.  Walking my father to the doctor’s office, he is out of breathe after a few feet, we sit, take a break.  Then it comes. Read more


Catching Up to 2013

On the phone, outside, pacing.  Yes, I pace when I talk.  And I smoke most times too.

Its early in the morning, raining, 30 some degrees.  In my chanclas.  And I’m walking in circles like the conversation I’m in, hoping I can remember the call once I hang up.  In the back of my mind, a laundry list of things.  I’m pacing around on this Seattle street, but in my mind’s eye I’m stepping over and around the heap of things called ‘to-do’ when – SMACK – Read more