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Gettin’ Back on the Road (and, writing again)

The feeling…it was kind of like sitting in a hospital waiting room anticipating the birth of a child.  But the reality was that I was standing tippy-toed, peering over a barb-wired cement fence trying to get a peep at Priscila the Undocubus.  She was sitting sad in a tow yard.  Aaaaand, maybe not as dramatic as awaiting child birth. 🙂 Read more


4 Años Despues – Porque Protestar en el DNC

Porque ir a la Convención Nacional Democrata y no a la de los Republicanos?  Es una pregunta valida con un candidato como Mitt Romney. Read more

4 Years Later – Why the DNC

With an opponent like Mitt Romney its a valid question why we are heading to the Democratic National Convention. Read more

Priscila get some Love from Labor

We are riding a 1972 MCI Challenger bus in our journey across the southwestern and southeastern part of the United States.  This bus, who came baptized with the name ‘Priscila’ has been used in organizing tours mostly on climate justice issues.  Inside she is more like an RV, with benches, a small kitchen and even bunk beds in the back. Read more

Las Mariposas ~ The Butterflies

Its been more than a few times that while driving in between cities butterflies appear around us, and I’ve wondered whether or not they’re coming along for the ride or if its simply normal for them to be in these parts this time of the year.  Their timing coincides with the image of the butterfly growing as a symbol of this ride.  Read more

On the Road

Many miles have passed and gone without word, but not for lack of them.  We are now in Atlanta, Georgia in the what will lead us into the stretch run.  We have traveled through nine states and have stopped in 15 cities, and have met hundreds of people along the way.  Its become more clear to me that not even accounting for the actual actions and events along the way, an undertaking of this sort essentially means we have had to create a make-shift organization, its meant that 25-30 mostly strangers have moved in with each other and we ‘move’ every 2-3 days.  Its as hard as it sounds..!  Read more