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Play by Play, Zingers and a little Humor from today’s POTUS immigration speech

POTUS speech on immigration today.  Highlight for me was all the zingers, one liners and sharp analysis from folks on social media.  Sometimes, a little bit of humor makes all what’s next a little easier.  Links for all cited, please follow them for more updates and insightful -ish.  Enjoy!  Read more


the dreams inbetween

This, has been a long time coming.
And it comes inspired from news long overdue.

Kicking off this blog has had a bumpy ride, living at the end of my to-do list for months on end. And this last week I felt like, well damn, if I don’t got anything to say about all that’s happening, then I may as well cross it off the list for good.  So here I am. And here it goes. Because there is so much more to come. continued…