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I Choose Mike: Some thoughts on social media shenanigans on Bernie & Black Lives Matter

Some thoughts in response to all the shenanigans on social media pontificating about interruptions of Bernie Sanders by Black Lives Matter activists.

Today many remember Michael Brown, and reflect on what his death stirred in the souls of millions. How the image of his body left on a street and the naked disregard and dehumanization it showed caused something to spill over. Whether you view it a reclamation, resurrection, an uprising or an reinvigoration of Black liberation movements, the difference between one year ago and today is that you must pick a side.

The crisis of violence, the devaluation and dehumanization of Black people far precedes the fate of Michael Brown. No longer is it that one can look away, pretending not to see. No longer can one just step over that body laying in the street, feeling its ok because, hey, at least you didn’t step on them. Today, that signifies picking a side.

Today, I don’t want to talk about Bernie. I don’t want to talk about how he was interrupted, when we could be talking about why he and his campaign are so either oblivious or arrogant that they have not responded to the critique. I don’t want to talk about whether or not these tactics are ‘strategic’ unless we talk about how your ‘strategic’ got us here in the first damn place. And I don’t think anyone, in particular Black people who are refusing death and oblivion, organizing, striving have to explain over and over again. Because, Facebook Monday morning quarterbacks, I don’t see you asking questions that loud about how we deal with problems inside of Labor, inside of the climate justice movement, immigrant rights movement.

If you want to make today about that, go ahead. But make sure you look down and see what side you’re standing on. Just know (because of all who have stood up, have died, have been really damn inconvenient and unstrategic at times), no one gets a pass.

Know what? I choose Mike.

Bernie don’t get a pass cause he did something for civil rights XX years ago. Its not time for getting pass. It’s time to show the fuck up and be on the right side. We owe it to Michael Brown and his family, we owe it to them to fight like we want this violence to truly, end.

Rest in peace, hermano. You are not forgotten.

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