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the Walk & the Wade ~ Open Sea

I was born and raised in the desert. So you can imagine that when I first caught a glimpse of the ocean, it was a big deal. As I walked up close to the shore I got dizzy. My head felt it before my toes did. But it was a good kind of dizzy, I guess, because I did not turn back. Even if I didn’t (don’t) know how to swim I kept moving towards it, tickled by the splash of the waves and impressed by the power and immensity of it all.

Recently I’ve been asked how it feels leaving my organization after several years and an intense, gratifying stint. I’ve responded that it feels like I’m wading out into open sea. And though it does not carry the immensity of the ocean, it certainly feels like unchartered territory. Especially because I’ve made a decision to conceptualize and birth a new initiative along with my colleagues Tania Unzueta and B. Loewe. Its unchartered territory, and I don’t feel the floor of organization.

In these times a lot is said about the prominent role of social media and technology and how they have transformed our lives, our planet, our dating rituals. And for real, does anyone else trip out when you see a 2 year old swipe through iPhone pictures almost intuitively?! That transformation has dramatically altered the one-way approach to accessing media, social networks, funders/investors, voters etc. All this is true. And, organization still matters.

I say this because there’s an idea that floats around where people think and move as if organization is no longer necessary or important. I think that the role of organization should not be taken lightly. In their most basic sense, organizations are still the containers we do virtually everything in our lives in. With the rise of all things DIY (Do it Yourself) some people have interpreted that as Do it Alone. That’s a myth we must head off at the pass.

With that said, the transformations very generally noted above have changed conditions. This requires new experiments and approaches for building and adapting organizations. Not doing so will impact the effectiveness, relevance and even the existence of organizations and businesses.

Over the next few months, I’ll be writing dispatches that share some of the ideas and aha moments, the way it all feels and some of the lessons I’m picking up along the way. The main question for us is ‘what’s next?’, but connected to that is the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of the next. After lots of lessons and exposure in organizations of many shapes and sizes, I’m excited to use the lessons of my past, forecasts of the future to create something for the present.

We intend to build this not solely as an intellectual or theoretical exercise, but through action, experimentation and evaluation. And since lots of folks showed love and expressed interest in knowing what’s to come I thought I would share it with you. In some ways, keeping contact and giving updates is a little bit like feeling the floor, or washing up on some island. For me there’s something really gratifying about the prospect of answering these questions, to be able to fail fast or unearth something good. The responsibility of it is also not lost on me.

Thanks to all the great folks who sent notes, called, ‘liked’, texted after the announcement. Hope you’ll stay in touch. B and Tania will also likely be sharing their own perspective and experience along the way, please look out for that.

Signing off, as the girl who doesn’t know how to swim but plugs her nose and runs in with a full head of steam any damn way.

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  1. Mary Bravo #

    Buena Suerte Marisa!

    January 29, 2015

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