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Hospital Days

March 15

Today I came ready to pick my dad up from the hospital. We wait for someone to make the call for his ‘check out’, it doesn’t come. Under flourescent lights in this room and the doses of morphine in his body, he doesn’t know what day or time it is. Both of us search the room for a way to pass the time. We discover behind the window blinds, a door and a balcony. I push it open and the sunlight bursts in. All of a sudden, it doesn’t matter what day it is. Lo natural he nods at me.

A breeze slow dances in the room. Satisfied, he arranges his a pair of glasses over his nose, back to the Crossword Scratchers game. He starts to sing under his breathe. Quieres escuchar música? I grasp for something to make him feel better, to shake this place up. He looks at me through the top of his glasses, pues siiiii. I ask him what he wants to hear, and he says whatever, and there we go with the back and forth. I figure, I can provide the Spotify, you gotta give me the name of the song your humming. He finally says, Marco Antonio Solis. The music fills the room, springtime day in room B418. And, a victory of 5 dollars with scratchers.



Cut Ties Between Maricopa County and ICE

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Despite the fact that political winds are blowing away from Arizona-style attrition politics, some officials in that state are determined to keep their tent staked in the ground, by hook or by crook.  For those living under the shadow of Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio, looking at federal immigration reform comes with a specific perspective and particular issues to be resolved. Read more

Con Los Pasos Contados

January 2013
Few days in.  Happy to be here.  The situation is one that we are all getting used to.  New Year rang with bad news of cancer back and spread, and even worse news from doctors that it was ‘terminal’.  Walking my father to the doctor’s office, he is out of breathe after a few feet, we sit, take a break.  Then it comes. Read more