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Play by Play, Zingers and a little Humor from today’s POTUS immigration speech

POTUS speech on immigration today.  Highlight for me was all the zingers, one liners and sharp analysis from folks on social media.  Sometimes, a little bit of humor makes all what’s next a little easier.  Links for all cited, please follow them for more updates and insightful -ish.  Enjoy! 

via @Askangy:  #obama speech lasted about 20 minutes.  I still feel…uh…speechless? #immigration #undocumented

via @BstandsforB: Breaking: John Morton just issued ICE Hold request on Alan #CIR13

via: @adamserwer: Lefty immigration groups calling for Obama to suspend deportations.  Assumed GOP retort: Obama’s deporting people?

via Gabriela Marquez-Benitez:  Summary of speech, POTUS: “We define ourselves as a nation of immigrants..blah, blah…Instagram was created by an immigrant who overstayed..blah, blah…MORE enforcement…E-verify…streamline removal…back of the line!…I love you back.”  Really?!  WTF?  Why didn’t people walk out, you just got slapped in the face??

via Carlos Garcia: Would be great if the crowd in Nevada held Obama accountable today, tired of him being able to say he’s on our side while continuing to break deportation records. A chant “Stop Deportations” while he is speaking would make my day. #firststeptoreformenddeportations

via @WillColey:  We’re still saying ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ in 2013?  Didn’t 2013 teach us (unequal) #CIR = more enforcement + some legalization – DREAM?

via Alex Rivera:  Obama on immigration: Send us your poor, your tired, your huddled PhDs in computer science.  The rest of you, like the people who work with their hands, or the immigrants who aren’t billionaires, beat it, get ready for a national ID system and more drones on the border, and go to the ‘back of the line’ (meaning wait decades) to even think about becoming a citizen.”

via @mamitamala:  So 2009 it was #sisepuede now its #Nowsthetime How about #stopthebs

via @DreamAct: This was one speech that should have stayed in #Vegas #immigration #cir

via Parker Haeg: I think President Obama is going to come out with a realistic path to citizenship, a way out of the shadows for some of the most decent people I’ve ever known.  I also believe in the Tooth Fairy.  I’ve seen this Obama episode before.

via David Ramirez:  Regardless of where home is son, home is mine

via @lafronteratimes: Obama addled immigration reform well-funded non-profit reform industrial complex oohing & aahing.  Shuuhup & demand he suspend deportations

via @DreamAct: The @whitehouse placed itself in an irreconciliable position by talking about immigrants as criminals & arguing for a pathway to citizenship.

via @newman_chris: I wish @DJMel were spinning the opening jams for this @whitehouse speech on immigration in Vegas

via @nadstina: The border crossed #kensalazar #immigration

via @Flavia_Isabel: Learning English…my parents have been here over twenty years and they still can’t say “microwave” properly.

via @AQueerDesi: Obama just delivered a major burn – “unless you are Native American, you came from somewhere else.”  #CIR13

via @buzzfeedandrew: This would have been a great speech for Obama to admit he was really secretly born in Kenya

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