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On the Road

Many miles have passed and gone without word, but not for lack of them.  We are now in Atlanta, Georgia in the what will lead us into the stretch run.  We have traveled through nine states and have stopped in 15 cities, and have met hundreds of people along the way.  Its become more clear to me that not even accounting for the actual actions and events along the way, an undertaking of this sort essentially means we have had to create a make-shift organization, its meant that 25-30 mostly strangers have moved in with each other and we ‘move’ every 2-3 days.  Its as hard as it sounds..!  As I look forward to the next two weeks, lots of things become more clear and solutions come faster and perhaps predicting what may come, comes easier. I wonder what another month would look like, or next time or the next…

This trip has provided many lessons, insights.  Things you pick up along the way, between truck stops, church floors and the cracks in the sidewalk.  Too many things, worth too much to let fade.  So, I’m gonna make a push to get back on the wagon and as we ride forward, look back and recount the things that I will take with me.

In these days we have been reunited with la Priscilla.  Seeing her roll up, the undeniable  and all confirmed how much she (yes, I personalize objects and cars sometimes..) helps manifests both the beauty and the risk of the ride.  When I see her I think of the work it took for her to get here.  In Phoenix, the way a community took her in and made transformed her, from one phase into another, mariposa style.  Those traveling on the bus, who have no background in mechanics much less diesel buses, taking on the challenge of trying to learn her tricks.  The drivers who have dared to make this journey with us.  I can’t imagine how we could have made it all this way without the many many acts of solidarity, kindness and without people who do the right thing, without accolades.

As we leave Georgia, the dilemma we have sought to create is renewed.  The butterfly begins to extend its wings, all of its colors.  The question remains: what will be the reaction to risk?

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