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Arizona. 1070. You.

Power blue sky blushes at sunset. A welcome sight after a hard day of heat in Phoenix Arizona. After rush hour dies down, in any given barrio in the valley you can hear the sound of kids playing in the street if you listen hard enough. Read more


Carlos Garcia: AZ, Arpaio and SB1070 Spur Crusade for Immigrant Rights

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The migrant rights movement in this country is about to enter a new phase and every person, no matter their position, will have to decide how they will relate to it.

While many are waiting to see the decision of the Supreme Court related to the Department of Justice’s SB1070 case, a human rights crisis of epic proportions is already roiling in Arizona. Read more

RePost: The State of Hate

We came to Arizona from the copper mines in Cananea.  Recruiters came to Mexico trying to find people who would come work.  We came in wagons, there was nothing here..nothing!  They dropped people off from place to place.  Our job was to clear the desert.  And look at it now!   – Antonia Franco Read more

the dreams inbetween

This, has been a long time coming.
And it comes inspired from news long overdue.

Kicking off this blog has had a bumpy ride, living at the end of my to-do list for months on end. And this last week I felt like, well damn, if I don’t got anything to say about all that’s happening, then I may as well cross it off the list for good.  So here I am. And here it goes. Because there is so much more to come. continued…

spirals n scribbles

10 years in, and a whole lotta anxious. That was the scenario when I contemplated my future out loud with a longtime compañera, in a bar, of course. There came a point in the conversation where she leaned in as I spun myself in circles of questions, and looking real serious posed the question: So. What do you want to be in the movement, an architect or a carpenter? Que mas Que mas